EV Group (EVG) is a team of specialists providing customized services and technology to optimize paper machine runnability, process efficiency and paper quality.


Our team is specialized in solving PM operational bottlenecks and problems. We offer tailored services for your existing and new machinery and do our best to optimize PM runnability, process efficiency and paper quality, as well as, maximize energy saving and production capacity.


We have served paper producers world wide already from the year 1992. Our reliable and precise service and high quality products have been recognized in hundreds of PM optimization projects. Profound co-operation with the customer ensures that the customer’s expectations and requirements come true.

We know that maximal profits can be accomplished with minor investments and with experienced team.

Our products and services

Our products and services are survey services for production optimization, runnability components like EV Web Stabilizers and pocket ventilation, heat recovery, process control technology like EV Web Eye and EV Web Scanner. We also offer our customers dryer fabric, dryer cylinder and wire section cleaning and ventilation.
We focus on designing the main components, product development, selling and marketing and project management. Our technology is manufactured by reliable and long-term suppliers.


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