EV MRS™ – Forming section optimization


EV MRS technology is a part of an environmentally friendlier, energy saving forming section.

We help to minimize PM forming section problems like breaks, paper defects and additional need for cleaning with customized EV Mist Removal System.


In the forming section, the mist spreading from the fabric cleaning high pressure showers causes numerous problems such as forming section contamination leading to breaks, paper defects or even fabric damage. High costs caused by additional need for cleaning and reduced production time are a sign of inefficient forming section.

EV MRS technology provides effective mist removal in combination with additional aid for fabric cleaning. This results in improved paper quality, process efficiency and energy saving. Machine hall without spreading mist is more comfortable to work at.



EV MRS includes mist suction box, exhaust duct, preseparator and EV Blower separator fan, which is a special construction combining a centrifugal fan and an efficient water drop separator.
The residual water from the evacuated mist / air is separated with an EV Blower fan. EV Blower is equipped with a self cleaning system and a teflon cover to prevent clogging.


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EVG helped SCA Ortviken PM1 to improve wire section performance