EV Cleaner™

Technology for dryer fabric cleaning maintains high permeability and prolongs fabric life.

High dryer fabric permeability maintains an even paper moisture profile resulting in high paper quality. Efficient cleaning and thus the constantly high permeability of the fabric also significantly prolong the fabric life time. Open fabrics also help to maintain efficient process and good runnability resulting in improved drying section performance and lower drying costs.

EV Cleaner™ technology keeps the fabric clean and open across the entire fabric width. EV Cleaner sprays low pressure water to the closing nip thus pressing the water steadily through the fabric during a web break. Contamination and excess water are removed by a specially designed save-all. EV Cleaner is a reliable and maintenance-free cleaning method: it does not require any moving parts, high pressure water, compressed air nor power supply.

EV Cleaner improves PM runnability and paper quality because the high permeability of fabric keeps the cylinder pockets well ventilated. Customer experience shows that EV Cleaner can increase fabric life time even 300 %.


EV Cleaner brochure
News – Great impact on fabric permeability with EV Cleaner at Norske Skog Saugbrugs mill, Norway