EV Drying section optimization™

Better runnability, process efficiency and energy usage at PM drying section.

Breaks, sheet fluttering, paper defects or uneven moisture profile are typical problems at PM drying section. Even small rebuilds and adjustments improve productivity, PM runnability, process efficiency and paper quality. Results can also be seen as significant savings on process costs.

EV Drying section optimization typically includes EV Web Stabilizers™ and EV Pocket Ventilation™.
EV EasyOne™ and EV EasyGo™ are excellent runnability concepts for the PM single felted drying section. They combine the web stabilizing and the vacuum roll technologies to ensure best possible runnability, drying efficiency and paper quality. Also machine geometry can be modified to renew a paper machine and to improve its runnability.

Problems caused by contaminated drying section can be eliminated when the drying section is equipped with EV Cleaner™, dryer fabric cleaning system and EV ReDoc®, dryer cylinder reconditioning system.

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