EV EasyGo™

For superior runnability and ropeless tail threading at single felted section
EV EasyGo is an excellent runnability concept for the PM single felted drying section. As its most effective tool it combines the web stabilizing and the vacuum roll technologies to ensure best possible runnability, drying efficiency and paper quality.

You also receive an easy tail threading thanks to the EVsf2-V Web Stabilizer with the vacuum roll and the threading pipes.

The EV EasyGo is aimed for pioneer paper producers looking for the most profitable and cost-effective ways of improving the single felted section performance.

Modern, highly effective stabilizing technology


EVsf2-V Web Stabilizers are installed on top of the vacuum rolls to support the sheet and create a vacuum inside of the vacuum roll. EV EasyGo consept exhausts air through the holes of the vacuum roll and blows air through the nozzles of the Web Stabilizer creating vacuum from opening nip to the closing nip.

Sheet is fully supported at sheet down and uprun. Web Stabilizer box does not have any mechanical contact or seal against the drying fabric, when damages of the fabrics can be prevented and cleaning of the drying section is easy.

Section conversions to vacuum roll technology


Drilling of the cylinders on site without cylinder remove enables minimal downtime. EV EasyGo technology ensures excellent runnability with high machine speed and ropeless threading.


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