EV Heat Recovery™

Significant energy saving for paper machine

Paper industry is a big energy consumer. Energy costs are high, and they will rise as energy will be more and more expensive in the future. To decrease emissions of greenhouse gases, paper industry must limit the use of fossil fuels. For these reasons, paper industry must reduce energy consumption and find new ideas for more efficient energy usage.

EV Heat Recovery is a highly effective system to update existing heat recovery system and to modernize a paper machine to meet the requirements of today. EV Heat Recovery technology reuses heat to replace primary energy sources, therefore savings in energy costs are evident.

EV Heat Recovery recovers drying section heat energy and takes it back to production. The exhaust air is processed through air to air or air to water heat exchangers that are durable and always tailor-made to customers needs.

Typical heat recovery system includes supply air preheating, process water heating and machine hall heating.


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