EV Online Measuring™

We offer you reliable tools that enable you accurate process adjustments for economical drying.

To ensure fluent and optimal paper production, numerous production parameters have to be adjusted. Accurate and real-time information of different drying section parameters help you to maintain the best possible runnability and paper quality.

EV Web Eye™ and EV Web Scanner™ provide you with reliable information of sheet moisture and temperature profiles or trends already at the beginning of the drying section. This helps you to control the drying process correctly right from the start.

We also have technology for automatic control of hood ventilation and the hood 0-level, EV Hood Manager™, to guarantee maximal energy saving in hood ventilation and to improve drying section runnability, paper quality and working conditions.

EV Web Eye™


measures the machine direction sheet moisture and temperature profiles on a continuous basis.

The sheet moisture and temperature levels have to meet certain values at the different stages of the production process in order to produce high quality paper effectively.

EV Web Eye provides real time and reliable information on sheet moisture and temperature and their variations at an earlier stage of production process than was previously possible. The system can be positioned right after the press section, but also in other sections of the machine from the former to the reeler.

The moisture level is measured with infrared which ensures accurate information with a faster and more reliable optimization of production parameters than before.

EV Web Eye gives precise information of production parameters such as water removal in the forming section, function of presses, usage of dewatering chemicals and steam box adjustments.





EV Web Scanner™

Reliable concept for on-line, high-speed measurement of full width web moisture profile immediately after the press section.

Identification of the moisture profile at the early stage helps to optimize a variety of production factors like steam box, dewatering chemicals, press nip loads and forming section vacuum levels.

EV Web Scanner makes it easier to find production problems such as damaged press felts, rolls or dewatering units. When production bottlenecks are recognized and production has been optimized, that means savings of production costs and more effective paper making process.






EV Hood Manager™

controls automatically the hood ventilation for improved runnability and working conditions

The automatic control of the hood balance is based on the pressure differences in the hood. The upper part of the hood is always over pressurized while the basement is under pressurized.

Pressure differences force hot, moist air to flow from the upper part of the hood. Respectively, cool machine hall air flows from the basement into the hood.

The 0-level is the height, where air pressures are equal in- and outside of the hood. This level has a great effect on production factors, energy consumption and the quality of the paper. Changes on 0-level indicate problems of hood ventilation system.

Optimization of the 0-level brings several benefits:

  • less sheet flutter in drying section
  • improvements in moisture profile and paper quality
  • better working conditions in the machine room
  • elimination of condensate dripping on constructions and frames
  • less runnability problems and breaks in drying section
  • energy savings in drying

EV Hood Manager™ includes automatic control system

optimizing the exhaust and supply air flows

Automatic control is based on the following energy-economical principles of the hood:

1. High humidity of exhaust air decreases energy consumption in drying section.

2. High humidity of exhaust air increases heat recovery efficiency.

EV Hood Manager™ includes:

1. EV Hood Survey
EV Survey Team examines the hood air balance and defines what would be the optimal humidity level for runnability and energy efficiency. We also find out the 0-levels on machine direction and cross direction.

2. EV Hood Control
The automatic control system maintains the optimal exhaust air humidity and 0-level also when production factors change, thus minimizing the energy consumption.

3. EV Maintenance

includes an annual audit to adjust the control system for production factors.

EV Group takes care of necessary adjustments for the control unit and checks the ventilation units of the drying section.