EV ReDoc®

continuous reconditioning for rotating surfaces

Fibres, starch and other chemicals can create an isolating layer on the cylinder surface. The layer prevents heat transfer to the paper that leads to decreased drying capacity. Contaminants on the cylinder surface stick to the web causing defects and incorrect moisture profile that bring problems in paper quality.

EV ReDoc® is a continuous reconditioning system for paper machine cylinder and roll surfaces. EV ReDoc -system eliminates dirt like stickies, fibres and coating colour from cylinder surfaces by using steel brushes. Even old and worn out cylinders can be cleaned effectively with the help of EV ReDoc. Conventional doctoring system is not able to keep cylinders clean. EV ReDoc -system can be used with an existing doctoring system.

Continuous reconditioning improves heat transfer from cylinder to paper, that increases drying capacity. Results can also be seen in better paper quality as defects in paper are minimal. It is also possible to increase PM speed as a result of improved drying process and runnability.

EV ReDoc brochure

Already one dirty cylinder surface can increase energy costs by 7 %!