EV Survey™ services

“We help you to eliminate process bottlenecks and optimize production.”

EV Survey ServicesYou may see the PM process bottlenecks and problems but often it is difficult to know what exactly causes them. The EV Survey team has the know-how, experience and modern measuring technology to tell you what is going on with your paper machine.

The complete dryer section survey tool to decrease energy consumption and improve drying capacity and runnability

  • Pocket humidity and temperature
  • Hood air systems
  • Cylinder surface temperature measurements
  • Calculation of drying parameters
  • Mechanical checking
  • Sheet temperature measurements
  • Other measurements

The machine hall ventilation survey tool for better working conditions and less energy consumption

  • Exhaust and supply air measurements
  • Machine hall air balance
  • Temperature and humidity measurements
  • Airflow direction and air velocity measurements
  • Machine ventilation

A sheet moisture profile survey tool to find out where the moisture profile problem is generating

Usual measurement places:

  • Against the pick-up felt
  • After the press section
  • End of the slalom section
  • Before / After the sizer
  • Before / After the coater
  • At the reel

The EV Survey entails extensive research. We analyze the reasons for your PM problems and after measurements we provide you with information in complete research study on how to eliminate them.

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