High Pressure Nozzles

Our high-pressure ruby nozzles are used for conditioning and cleaning of press felts and forming fabrics in the paper machine. They are equipped with rubies, which guarantee the highest jet quality and stand for service life which is far above average.

Trim Squirt Nozzle

Our trim squirt and tail cutter nozzles are equipped with high-precision rubies and offer the highest jet quality. We supply you with single jet, double jet and triple jet nozzles in different versions.

Ruby nozzles are standard equipment today on most paper machines. With our nozzles we ensure the best cut quality on your paper machine, thereby preventing sheet breaks of the paper web.

Edge Trimming Units

Our edge trimming units have been developed specifically for the positioning of our trim squirt nozzles. They allow reliable and precise alignment of the trim squirt nozzles during operation of your paper machine.

For easy and exact adjustment of the water pressure at the nozzle, our edge trimming units are equipped with pressure regulation and quick-change filter units. In this way you can achieve the best possible trim cut quality.

Pump System

As a supplement to our trim squirt nozzles and edge trimming units, our pump system is designed to supply water at a sufficient pressure and flow volume for tail cutters and trim squirts. We consider ourselves to be your system supplier.

Our pump systems are equipped with a storage tank made of stainless steel with level control, a double changeover filter system and two pumps. We can adjust the flow rate and pressure to your individual requirements.