MoveRoll Roll Handling: Simply the Smartest

MoveRoll Oy is a global supplier of high-quality, paper roll handling equipment with extensive experience in compressed air systems and in the pulp and paper industry. We have designed a unique and innovative concept that makes roll handling in paper mills easier, safer, and more cost effective. Developing new solutions that would revolutionize the industry has always been our main goal.


MoveRoll offers innovative paper roll handling equipment, including pressure conveyors that utilize compressed air to move the rolls. With our MoveRoll® Conveyor, the roll itself is the only moving part. The result, much lower maintenance costs and material damage!

Installing MoveRoll® Conveyors is fast and easy since they can be mounted directly on a flat factory floor – digging a foundation is not needed. Measurements have shown that, compared to traditional roll handling systems, MoveRoll products save up to 85% in energy consumption. Furthermore, compared to the conventional way of roll handling, there is evidence that MoveRoll increases the safety in paper mills to a whole new level. MoveRoll offers the following solutions:

– MoveRoll Horizontal Conveyor
– MoveRoll Ramp Conveyor
– MoveRoll Turntable Module
– MoveRoll Centralizing Module
– MoveRoll Bumper
– MoveRoll Zero Energy Receiver
– MoveRoll Kicker

MoveRoll has developed and launched a range of products that compliment MoveRoll® Conveyor. Our MoveRoll® Zero Energy Receiver cushions paper rolls by means of an innovative pillow system and positions them safely and accurately on the conveyor.

Compact in size and unique in design, our MoveRoll® Kicker features safety, energy savings, ease of use, and low maintenance.

MoveRoll Ramp Conveyor

MoveRoll Zero Energy Receiver

MoveRoll Kicker

22,000 lbs Roll moving in Silence