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Summer 1997 there were two determined engineers who wanted to have their own company – concentrating on paper industry efficiency improvement. Juha Karvinen had a background of paper industry vacuum system engineering and a lot of experience of being an entrepreneur. Kimmo Loippo was previously working for a company manufacturing paper machines and prior to that he was on a paper mill as a paper maker. Both had a vision that combining their experience and enthusiasm would create something special. This dream was fulfilled when both of them joined forces as Runtech Systems Oy first employees during spring 1998. After that the growth has been steady. We have now about 40 people sharing the same dream and working for Runtech. We all have the passion to grow more.

Since 1997 a lot has happened. We have several patents for our product inventions and some more are pending. This is typical of our operation; we try to be innovative and invent our own solutions, products and technologies. First major breakthrough was the Air Curtain which was ready 1999. Second success was with Air Blades which we got ready 2002. Since then several other new products have been developed, patented and delivered throughout the world. Runtech Systems Oy is well known of its Tail Threading products, Doctoring Products, Vacuum System Products, and Energy Saving Products.

We started our own composite project year 2000 and 3 years later we opened our first composite factory. April 2010 we were happy to unveil our new state-of-art composite factory. Year 2008 Runtech Systems Oy purchased 100 % of company Ecopump Oy shares. Ecopump was merged with Runtech September 2010. Ecopump with its factory in Kotka added valuable knowhow and world class products like Ecopump Turbo to Runtech Systems product portfolio. From our factories we are now delivering complete solutions for Dryness Increase projects, Energy Saving projects, Efficiency Improvement projects (RunEco, RunDry and RunPro). The development continues; new products will continue to come out from Runtech Systems Oy.

Runtech products are in operation in all continents. Everything started from paper machine optimization and this is how it will also continue. All our products and services are aimed for improving our customer´s operation efficiency – either by saving energy or by increasing productivity. Over 70 % of all RS products are exported to paper industry companies all around the world through our worldwide sales team.


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