Patented AirBlade™ – technology improves sheet dryness and profiles

The purpose of the Air Blade is to perfect the doctoring of the grooved and suction rolls.

Grooved roll RSP Air Blade improves grooved roll dewatering with sharp and powerful air knife

Suction roll RSE Air Blade improves vacuum roll doctoring performance significantly. Natural foil effect is amplified with compressed air.


  • Higher dryness
  • Better moisture profile
  • Better dewatering
  • Longer felt lifetime
  • Clean roll
  • Better runnability



  • M-Real Kyrö PM3: 1,8 % improved dryness after press
  • UPM Tervasaari PM5: Improved moisture profile: 2-sigma value from 0.35 to 0.20
  • Palm Wörth PM6: 35% more nip dewatering and felt total dewatering 7% higher
  • Mondi Ruzomberok PM17: 80 m/min higher machine speed and 0,3%-units less draw
  • Smurfit Mengibar PM3: 1 – 2 % higher dryness after press with shoe press Air Blade

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