Ecoflow measurements for the wire and press sections

Dewatering measurements are based on a stand-alone meter installed underneath the water separator and press save all pan. The water thus separated flows into the aforementioned meter indicating the volume of water. The meter measures the amount of water leaving the dewatering point and then leads it back into the process. In press section there are usually two dewatering measurement meters per felt. The other measures the dewatering from the press ‘save all’ and the other the dewatering from the felt’s uhle box. Ecoflow is a pioneer: there are more than 3000 EF units sold around the world.

With press dewatering data, a papermaker can:

  • maximize the dewatering (by adjusting the vacuum)
  • maximize the felt life
  • minimize the start up time of a new felt
  • improve the runnability
  • reduce the number of breaks
  • choose the best felts for (each) machine

With forming dewatering data you can achieve:

  • Dewatering distribution and appropriate operating windows on display can be defined
  • Optimization of sheet symmetry (top/bottom) supported by clear online numeric values
  • Optimization of formation by moving dry line further away from or nearer to headbox
  • Grade changes better and faster under control
  • Water, fiber and filler economy controlled more precisely


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