Specially designed to be equipped with Air Blades and Ecoflows


  • Engineered for maximum dewatering
  • Single or double doctor solutions
  • Well protected against fiber build-up
  • Adjustable doctor holders allows use of rolls with variable roll diameter
  • Robust construction with low maintenance requirements and easy roll change
  • 316L Stainless steel constructions


  • Felt and guide rolls
  • Couch rolls
  • Pick-up rolls
  • Press suction rolls
  • Grooved and blind drilled press rolls
  • Water catchers
  • Tailored save-all modifications and upgrades



  • Stora Enso Veitsiluoto PM5
  • MWC- and LWC-basepaper (36—80 m2)
  • speed 1300 m/min
  • new couch roll save-all
  • 0.8% more dryness after couch
  • less dirt build-up and no water ringing